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Underwear: Sexy Lingerie

Importance of Quality Colombian Underwear

The right underwear can change the way clothes look on a woman’s body, because they are the internal support of everything showing on the outside.

A shirt won’t look the same as a silk dressing shirt and a turtle neck sweater is not the same as a button up shirt, therefore is necessary to have a variety of lingerie that adapt to the wardrobe needs every active and modern woman has and that in addition enhances the right curves, giving a self-esteem boost when looking in the mirror and admiring a beautiful body carrying sexy design lingerie with curious prints to match with an entire closet.

The Lingerie Line Babalú has for its clients is full of delicate details that will transform a common day into an extraordinary experience.

Lingerie Line


Bra Let’s talk about the Bra

On a woman’s life the bra is one of the indispensable items that throughout time it has adapted to the female audience over time, transforming from simple garments to support gear for a so sensitive area like the breasts. That even though they are in the pectoral area, aren’t muscles and need to be hold not to fall thanks to gravity and its weight.

Never the less, brands like Babalú have turn this dressing garment that many time is taken as simple and unattractive, into an accessory that will enhance the most representative woman asset.

Just like Dita von Teese once said

 Lingerie is not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood.

That is why the flirty designs and colorful prints in soft fabrics in Babalú Lingerie Line allow a woman to feel cute and fashionable, with no fear to be seen just as she is.

The same happens with Babalú sport tops, where besides focusing on giving a beautiful, fresh and comfortable garment, they also pay close attention to the support the breasts must have to do all the low, medium and high impact sport activities. Because women who actively practice sports know the importance of having a garment that gives them security when working out.

Babalú offers a great variety of designs and prints so every day is a fun, colorful and vital experience.

Panty Now the panties

This part of the underwear is even more important, because is in direct contact with the feminine intimate zone and needs special attention when purchasing a daily use garment.

That is why you have to follow certain recommendations:

  1. The underwear must not be tight, because it might cause some distress when walking and damage the delicate skin in the intimate zone. Besides it might leave visible marks on the skin and damage blog flow
  2. When washing them you must rinse all soap and soften residues off so it doesn't cause a skin rash.

This is another positive point for the panties and thongs in Babalú’s Lingerie Line because they are made with material that allow the air flow, keeping the skin fresh while wearing a delicate, lasting and beautiful pantie.


All panties and thongs are designed to impose trend designs, colors and styles that will fill every day of fun moments, allowing who is wearing them to variate their wardrobe as much as she wants while enjoying the comfort of an intimate garment that gives support while allows a woman to be sexy and feel secure while walking on the streets knowing that will be able to eat up the world.


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