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Every woman likes to have the latest bags, bra, swimsuit and sport gear, even before they go on sale.

Celebrities try their best to keep us on our toes when we are talking about trends. The brands love to comply with their every whim and Babalú sets their foot when speaking about trends, colors, prints and shapes.

Why follow the rhythm and crow when you can be a trend setter and mark your own fashionable and flirty path?

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 Trendsetter Trendsetter

Babalú loves to give their clients the best of the best when talking about fashion, colors and prints.

All of this is reflected on the curious and colorful prints every article in the collection, from the legguings to the lingerie, you can enjoy your day with the comfort of knowing every item is durable, beautiful and chic, letting you shine through them, showing the world who you are and that you embrace you femininity

Most brands tend to follow certain patterns when designing their new collections, like what color is being on every other runway of the world or the shapes leading the swimwear season, but Babalú sets itself apart from that and designs for woman, for their distinguish clients who know they will have a unique piece to show up at any pool party and be the center of attention, shinning all night long or while working out, to let them be gorgeous even during the hardest workout session.

Lingerie Lingerie

The most gorgeous and colorful and fun lingerie for the new season is the one within Babalú catalog, it has bright and neon colors that will look amazing on every woman, letting the fun and cute side of you out on the open to enjoy life and have the best time either at work or a party.

The fabric is so soft you can’t even tell you are wearing a master peace of lingerie, made to enhance the best assets on a woman’s body.

The panties are made to be comfortable and at the same time perfect to use with every garment without showing those uncomfortable marks on the clothes that sometimes gives away a girls undies.

Rest assure, that if any piece of your Babalú Lingerie shows through, aside from being the cutest fabrics, it will call the attention to every girl in the room and you’ll be the one making a statement.

Babalú Sportswear

When you are working your body out on the gym, jogging or while doing yoga, the best workout clothes can be determined to whether you enjoy the exercise or worry about how you look?, how the tops fits?, how the leggings are showing?. That is not alright.

You have to be one hundred percent focused on the task at hand and be aware of what you are doing rather than on how transparent your clothes might be.

Babalú thinks of you when creating and choosing the best and most resistant fabrics to make the best leggings out there. They are comfortable, letting you make all kind of movement without showing more than needed.

The tops are perfect to fit your boobs and keep them in place while jogging, jumping or stretching.

No matter how many days a week you train, there are endless amount of designs, shapes, colors and prints you can choose from to have the perfect outfit for every day of the week, never repeating one in a row. How amazing is that?


Swimsuit Swimsuits

How about if we mix all of the above in one amazing swimsuit?

Babalú not only can make that possible, but woows you with the most gorgeous and sexy swimsuits to be the best dressed even in a bathing suit.

Must people don’t pay any attention to swimsuits, might think is just something to put on for the pool but there are other, like Babalú knows, who really care and want to look amazing and steal the spotlight at every pool event.

No matter if you are on a yacht or a club, all eyes will be on the stunning cuts and prints you wear, hugging every curve and showing a confident and attractive woman to everyone in the way.

Don’t ever be afraid of showing who you really are.

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