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Have the Best Workout with Babalú Sportswear

Workout with Style using Babalú Sportswear Line

If we look into the past, to the sportswear on work out videos from the 80’s, and fast forward into present time, it’s pretty evident that fashion slowly faded away on those type of clothes. Leaving the bright colors, fun prints and flashy matching pant and top aside to offer dull black leggings, white and black tops and shirts and boring gray sport bras to a pretty demanding audience who certainly loves color and move along with fashion and style step by step.


So why not pump some girl power on to workout attires?

Is like Jillian Michaels says about her new sportswear line

"I drew inspiration from every fitness category and trend out there, so no matter who you are and what you're doing, you will feel empowered while wearing the collection."

Then we can say that workout clothes are important and everyone needs some inspiration to give all on every workout session, and why not having the most comfortable and cute clothes to do so? Babalú’s Sportline carries is perfect for every kind of sports

Workout Top Tops

Not everyone likes to use big boy shirts to go out and jog or head to the gym, so thinking of them Babalú created a full line of tops, crop tops, mini jackets and tank tops that glow with bright neon colors perfect to hit up the gym and catch everyone’s attention.

The tops are made to hug the boobs and keep them in place, no matter the intentisy of the training, because nobody likes to feel uncomfortable while running. They can be match to all the tank tops and create a different combination every time.


And how about using a crop jacket? You can enjoy exchanging between colors and shapes till having the perfect recipe by mixing colors and prints of all the sport garments.


Yoga pants  Leggings

The leggings are full of bold prints rarely seen on stores, they are ment to take exercise and fashion to a new level, never going back in time but moving forward with fashion and comfort to have the best garment, fitting the needs of the woman who wants to look amazing and be bold with style on every stage of her life.

They fit the body like a second skin, letting you move freely and still looking fabulous and stylish, thanks to the interesting and fun cutouts and fabric game on all of them.


If vibrant colors are not your style, you can also pick from the variety of prints and combinations, there is one made for every taste, taking the fun and shades of the world into a lasting garment that doesn’t lose shape even after several washes, which is very rare.

Some brands in the market offer leggings that will “never lose color or bleed color” but most of the time is the total opposite. You need a reliable garment that will have a solid color when you put it on and that can be washable. They are little perks in life that need to be fulfilled.

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The leggings are made out of Supplex fabric which gives a similar feeling as cotton, but way a lot better, it allows the skin to sweat throughout exercise and drives that sweat out of the body, to let the you cool down and keep your routine as usual.


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