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Have the Best Workout Session with Babalú’s Supplex Fabric Leggings

Workout with Style while Enjoying Babalú’s Gorgeous Leggings 

For a very long time, leggings have been transforming themselves into one of the most versatile pieces of clothing available for all shapes and sizes. They go well with almost all kinds of shirts, blouses and even skirts and shorts, but most importantly, they are perfect for working out.

Babalú Fashion not only takes care of how nice and colorful their clothing are, but how effective and functional can they be to give the best of the best to their clients. That is why Supplex fabrics are the best option when we’re talking about workout garments, especially leggings, which must be comfortable and efficient so you can feel awesome throughout the entire training.

Bennefits Bennefits of Supplex Fabric

  • Offers the softness of cotton, with the benefits of spandex.
  • Intelligent fabric that drives sweat to the outer side, leaving the skin free to continue on sweating.
  • Doesn’t lose shape, even after been worn or wash
  • Keeps the colors and prints after several washes
  • Maintain richness of color even after stretching to be worn.
  • Protects the skin from the UVA and UVB rays
  • Meant to be used for any kind of weather


Imagen Versátil Versatility of Designs

Giving that we all love to look fabulous every time of day, even sportswear must be beautiful, and Babalú’s creations are even better than that, because there are lots of cute prints and vibrant colors to choose from that you can dress and feel like a sparking diamond even during the coldest winter.

Matching the printed leggings with a cute top can be the difference from a lazy day at home, with a soft and comfortable pair of bottoms, to a fabulous afternoon with friends just by switching your shoes. You have all the power to feel amazing and Babalú’ gives you a little push with amazing and stylish fabrics.

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