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Benefits of Wearing a Quality Sports Bra

Babalú’s workout bra has the best balance between functionality and style.

When you are working out, you need to use a cute and functional pair of leggings and why not a colorful top to add a little of spark to your routine, but most of all, the one item that can’t be missing for a perfect gym session is a workout bra, that little but very important clothing item that many women just miss out on and go for the regular bra to hit the gym.

Here we show you why is it so important to use the right sports bra while Babalú shows you all the cute options we have for you.

Check out the following benefits:

  • Minimize movement: Sports bra are made of a fabric that can be restrictive enough for you boobs to remain in place during high impact workout session, but to let you sweat and cool down one you’ve finish. Designers are continuously improving and trying new fabrics and styles that can be functional while Babalú ads sparkles to make it stand out.  
  • Offer support: If you go out jogging and running with a normal bra, you will find out that it can be very uncomfortable to have your girls all over the place bouncing ad falling out of place at all times, that is why is very important to have at least one sports bra, to give the right support to your boobs and avoid skin and tissue damage. 
  • Regulate temperature: While doing any type of physical activity, your body tends to generate more heat, because your heart is pumping more blood into your system, therefore the sweat its produces is meant for the body to regulates its temperature, and a good sports bra needs to help regulate that high temperature to a cooler one, at the same time it needs to drive all sweat and moist to the outside, so you can keep on sweating and working out as much as you want.

search Find the right size

When you are jogging or jumping with the wrong bra size, your boobs can get hurt, fall out and damage you ligaments, which can be really painful and cause saggy breasts. And that is something that no woman wants.
That is why is so important to find the right size of bra when you are shopping for sportswear.
Bras have to be supportive enough for you to be able to jump, run, lift and walk comfortably knowing that your boobs will remain in place and it can’t be too tight so that you can’t breathe.

Care Caring for them

When you have a beautiful sports bra you must take care of it, just as much as the garment is caring for your boobs, therefore you need to give the best attention to it when washing it, storing it and while wearing it.

First you need to wash it by hand with warm to cold water with mild soap, or while you are showering and put it to dry on the shadow but with a good air flow so it can dry but not lose its colors.

No matter how good it says it is, you always need to take care of it so you can have a gorgeous sports bra for a really long time

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