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Take Care while Workingout with Babalú's Sport Gloves

Why use Babalú's Workout Gloves?

This is a subject for discussion with many people, because some say is best not to use gloves while lifting, doing dead weight or at the bars, the reason why? Because you can’t firmly grab the bars, but let’s think about it for a sec, if you want to work out and take care of your hands you must use something to prevent grater damage to your skin.

Just like some like to train with sports bras and hiphuggers and some with leggings and longer tops, there are those who definitely don’t support gloves, like Mehdi from stronglifts who claims that:

“no, I do not approve them at all….After I met my mentor I stopped wearing gloves because he didn’t use any and I thought, “if he can lift without gloves, then why can’t I?”…”

And the ones who love them, like Reese Armstrong writer for livestrong who favors the use of gloves to prevent blisters and support wrists while doing liftings and weights.

Women who work out or who are involved in competitive weight lifting want to avoid getting blisters and calluses on their hands…”

Explained in one of her articles.


But let’s get down to the facts and benefits of wearing gloves.



weights Better grip

The gloves are meant to help you get a better grip at the bars or while lifting, giving that your hands can get a little too sweaty, making it harder for you to get a firm and comfortable grip. The fabric of Babalú’s workout gloves prevent any kind of moist to leak through, helping you to have a secure hold onto any kind of bars.


Lifting Protection

When the temperatures drop and you’re still at the gym, you need to protect your hands from those ice cold handles and what better than with gloves? They are ment to cover from your wrists to you knuckles, preventing any skin damage from happening and at the same time you’ll be able to push yourself forward while training, by wearing the right protection item.


wristWrist support

Gloves are wrapped around the wrists to secure them, this provides extra support to that sensitive and very much used joint of the body, especially if you are lifting a ton of weight and all the pressure goes there.

They work as an external ligament, providing more stability and a comfortable feeling to a high impact workout and preventing injuries.


nurse Blisters and calluses

Here is where the controversy begins, because some agree that even with gloves you still get to have calluses, and that is better is you just embrace them, moisturize them and keep going with your training, even while wearing gloves. Truth is, workout side effects will always be there, but there is nothing wrong with trying to have nice smooth hands.

About the blisters, gloves will definitely help you avoid them and even if you don’t like wearing workout gloves, if you get to have blisters at some point, wearing gloves will help you keep on training with less discomfort while your skin heals.


Workout Gloves


Like Comfortable

Your gloves must be comfortable for you to be able to do any kind of workout and continue on them even while too exhausted, they are ment to help and support you, not to harm you, therefore is a must to be sure they are both comfortable and efficient.

If you are buying online, look for customer’s reviews, they are the best source of information on a garment of any kind.

good Perfect fit

They must fit comfortably and well to your hand size, knuckles and fingers, because in many cases just because they are a gift or because of their color you might skip that little fact and use the wrong size, which can be harmful to your ligaments after a while, because the fit on the wrist needs to be the best one possible to avoid injuries and chronicle pain.

Not padded Not padded

Some gloves might come with inner padding to shape them and “give a more comfortable feeling” but that is the worst thing you can expect from workout apparel. They need to give you the feeling that you are gripping the bars with your hands but with protection, so you can use the necessary strength while working out and not over exceed with no need.

Besides, padded gloves can be dangerous, because you might feel the bars or weights securely tight but in reality is just the padding giving a false sensation.

Bottom line, you are the one working out, therefore you choose whether to use them or not. The right size and materials will surely help you while exercising and you will feel the difference between lifting barehanded and covered. Winter time is harsh and your hands need protection, the rest of the year is a little more bearable but still hard on your hands.

Take care of them, just as you take care of the rest of your skin.

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