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About Us

We are a company created in Medellin - Colombia  in the early 90s in order to offer the newest options for women in sportswear. We are always making the products for every woman who wants to look beautiful every day, even when she is exersicing. The sportswear includes a wide range of colors and designs in supplex and lycra cotton of the highest quality,  ideal for the most demanding fitness lifestyle.

With our line of swimsuits, we have dabbled with a great acceptance in the market due to our exclusive designs, that offer an air of sophistication that makes any woman feel beautiful, elegant and very confident.

Years later we launched FashionMen: casual clothing focused on men who are not afraid to be the center of attention. Subsequently Tarra´o Interior that combines design and comfort in intimate apparel.

After a rapid growth of our brands, we have managed to keep this position in the market standing out for the high quality, innovative designs and competitive prices.
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We are a Colombian company that designs, manufactures and markets clothing with high added value. We always stay one step ahead and therefore creativity, innovation and quality go hand in hand with love and dedication that we print on each of our products.

This also allows us to provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business, generating new jobs and positively affecting the social fabric.


We are working to make our product to become increasingly important in the international markets, while taking the name of our country very high.

We certify, as a company, thus fulfilling the highest market standards.

Corporative values

Sense of belonging, because we do this with love for our company to reflect that on our products and services. We recognize the potential of teamwork and we became a family.

Innovation, as we have a proactive attitude and constant change. We seek to turn our dreams into realities.

Quality, which allows us to characterize and evaluate our products to others, being recognized for the high value added in each one of them.

Empathy, strengthening our ability to listen to the market and their needs, and work consistently to positively affect its context (social responsibility) way.