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Babalu Fashion Conjunto Lovers Nylon Spandex 24131


Collections: Lingerie

Type: Lingerie

Get ready to feel like a princess until long after midnight.

This Babalú Fashion lingerie collection spotlights our lace lingerie set: a shining example of luxury underwear at its finest. Only a lace bra and panty set lingerie has this wonderful way of transforming your body: your skin becomes part of an intriguing play of transparency and opacity.

Very elegant and soft sexy woman underwear! This is a delicate and lightweight Colombian underwear that is sure to catch your partner's eye. It is well stitched and comfortable to wear. You will never lose your sexiness with this panty lace and bra, even if you are working at your office.

Enjoy all our different luxury lingerie designs for a bit of pleasant distraction from day-to-day life. Timeless and elegant lace lingerie designed from premium soft fabric; also, it is a must-have nylon lingerie for your sexy wardrobe. The colorful panties are very vibrant and attractive.

Ropa íntima colombiana para cualquier ocasión

Ropa intima femenina de nylon y spandex para una mujer sexy que desea cambiar su rutina utilizando el poder de sus curvas. Todos los calzones de mujer y brasieres colombianos, son atractivos por sus vibrantes colores y diferentes estampados que nunca pasan de moda.

Con la Lingerie de Babalú tendrás el equilibrio perfecto entre lo sexy y lo elegante en un solo conjunto de encaje.

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